Friday, August 29, 2014


So the fact that I never have to worry about when school starts again is like the strangest feeling ever. The fact that my life is now a constant summer vacation that might at some point have to involve and actual job is horrifying.

Huh? I never have to worry about homework or D2L or going to class ever again!?!? This is like Christmas. But then again, is it really?

So I love not being in college, don't get me wrong I'm super excited to be an adult and never have to worry about that stuff again, but college just CONSUMED the last four years of my life and I don't really remember what life was like before that.

College is the first time you get to go off and find yourself without the barriers we call parents. It's the ultimate independance as a child you can get. Who are we kidding, there are no adults in college except the 8th year seniors and even their maturity level is questionable.

But I've forgotten what my life was like before college and now in these three short months I've forgotten my life in college.

I just spent my whole night sitting in bed watching Longmire and eating Chinese. That's the first time I've binge watched a show alone since I've gotten here. I almost forgot that was my life this last semester. I keep forgetting I have a whole family of friends back home, I remember to call my mom and such when I hit town and finally get cell service, but i constantly forget that I have internet and have never once Facetimed the people that made these last four years bearable.

What? I'm a post grad who in 3 months forgot what it was like to even be a undergrad. I keep referencing my life back then, but I don't remember living through those moments anymore. This job and this life has consumed me and maybe that explains a lot of why everything here is the way it is.

It's so strange to see all the posts and pictures of everyone heading back to school. And as the rooms here start to clear out and prospective of "Adult Only" weeks looming in the distance, life seems to become more and more disconnected. 

We're all sad they're leaving, but I think a small part of us is jealous they get to go back to that real world and see all those familiar things. So these next few weeks will fly by and I think we all know that. But what the future holds is so unclear for us all that were excited about the fact that the season doesn't end for another 5 weeks. So wish us all luck and hope for the best. See you soon enough.

Adult Weeks!!!

So there is this thing here in our dude ranch world and we have all been waiting for. The anticipation level was through the roof the days leading up to this marvelous time in the season. Much like Christmas these few weeks are filled with the gift of giving, lots of amazing food, and friends.

Some people calls these weeks the month of September, here at Paradise we call them a gift from God. 

What are these wonderful things that we all so dearly hope for? Adult weeks.

Three solid weeks free of children, large and small! No more square dance and talent show, gone with camp outs and kids programs. It's all replaced by live music in the saloon and the constant flow of shots bought by the guests.

These week are sacred and all that we as wranglers could ask for. Even those that have left longed for the call of Adult Weeks, the prospect of an nugget-free zone.

Now don't get me wrong, I loved family weeks, there are some cool kids out there and I will never run out of things to talk about with kids, adults, eh, it's a little iffy. I will miss the nightly activities, but have no fear Square Dance is still here.

So this summer has been extra long and sometimes, even though the work is easier than it's ever been in my life, I want to go home. I want to be back in a familiar place. I want to see people I know and meet no more strangers. I want to drive my crappy car, hang out with my family, and most of all hug my dog.

I've always thought that this heart of mine was meant to travel. I have never stopped thinking about all the places I will see and the life I will lead, but the more I stay here the more I realize maybe I can't live a life free from familiarity and family. Maybe I can't live a gypsy life away from all that I know. But then again, maybe I won't be away from everything I know, Prince Charming will always be by my side and that's comfort enough.

So my ever so dedicated readers, what should I do with my life? Travel the world? Pack up my life and live away from home for a year or ever? Or should I settle down and travel while I have the time?

Well that escalated quickly...with that said, I'm going to say, I'm so happy that adult weeks are here and that I am one month away from being home and 4 days away from being of legal age to drink.

Life moves so fast here away from it all that we forget the world is still turning.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Easy Friends & Hard Goodbyes

This place. That's how they get you. Any place like this really. The friendships you make are what pull you back. Sure in the 3 short months you were here you were best friends and yeah of course you'll make plans to see each other when you're not here, but it never happens.

In my two seasons at Sombrero I made some of the best friends I've ever had in my whole life and I still call them up when I'm in desprate need of advice and I'll tell you now, if the zombie apocolapze breaks out, their def on my A team, sorry AZ people, but you go through too much together for them not to be your number 1 choice.
But as much as they all mean to me and as much as I care about them, I've never stepped a foot near Michigan.

So that's how they get you. We can all make it back to this place, a job, a summer vacation turned into a life changing experience. So we all say we'll never come back, but it's likely that we will, eventually.

Well they're all packing to leave, to head back to the real world, a life filled with cell service and college parties while we're all here...

Yeah I have a pretty awesome job and it's beyond easy. This place is beautiful and sometimes I forget to take a step back and enjoy that, but some part of me is so jealous that they get to pack and head back to their comfortable worlds...

So here's to hoping they love the real world and that we see each other again. I'll miss you! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Day Off Adventures!!!

The muscles I never even knew existed in the crevasse of my forearms are sore. My saddle is ten pounds heavier. It's suddenly difficult to get on a horse because every muscle I've never used is sore. From what?!?


One lake. Two speed boats. Eight people. A day off from the gods.

It all started with a grocery run and packing coolers like a pro. Then we were off to what most believed was Montana, which is located due east of Buffalo...

We finally arrived at Keyhole and we were beyond ready! We found a beach ate some lunch took our sweets to go and headed out to try wake boarding! Epic fail of the worst kind. In case the general population was wondering, I have no skills via the wake board! Jess on the other hand is either the only one light enough to be pulled by the boat or just a natural water sport aficionado! 

So after a few fails, one success, and two almost successes from our boat we swapped out for the tube!!! Jess and I tubed like less than champs while Prince Charming and Texas bonded over their ability to keep each other dry.

Finally we met up with the other boat and tried a triple wrangler sandwich with lots of "LEAN!!!"'s and gripping of the tube. We never fell off while the boat was in motion, go team, but as soon as they slowed down we had a great splash. 

After several hours of sun, fun, and tubes, we headed back to shore in search of the nearest Applebee's. 

Finally we made it home around 10! A 12 hour day with some of my favorite people having more fun than any of us have had all summer. All in all I would call the day an epic success.