Monday, December 22, 2014

Zac Brown Would Be Proud...

If there was a motto for life I think I would pick that one. Maybe "Netflix, yoga pants, and homemade ice cream!" But this one seems a little more motivating.

Lately I've realized my a mess. But a beautiful one. The kind that makes you want the best out of everything, but everything is so much that you can get anything done. So it's a mess. 

And here I am with my messy life and my heart full of dreams. So I want a real house and I want to work on a farm again. So I miss hard work and having real friends and anything consistent, but I've also taken 4 cross country road trips, lived in 6 different cities, in 3 different states, over the last 3 months. Who else can say that?

I know everyone is obsessed with the saying "I've got a gypsy soul!" But there are very few who have jumped on that train that actually have gypsy souls. And I've given into mine 100%! Adventure is out there. It's just waiting for you to find it. 

I'm loving this life. I've gotten to snapchat "Greetings from..." about 6 different states in the last week. And I haven't seen the bottom of my suitcase since I left Paradise. This is the life I always wanted.

As the year whines down and everyone makes a list of what they're thankful for and what they'll change in the new year, I mark these last few months on the top of my list!

I always thought college would be filled with the best memories of my life, but that wasn't even kind of true. My best memories are from my summers in the mountains, my fall by the lake, and my weeks spent in the show world.

It's been a rough couple of months and I'm still hunting for the perfect job and I may never find it, but I decided to invest in myself and found something that's just as flexible as that gypsy life. And right now, that's the best I could ask for.

So I implore you all to step out of your comfort zones, find adventure in your own background, or give into your gypsy soul and fall in love with your life all over again! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

***Insert Fireworks Here***

It's over!!! It's done!

And I have to say, I'm not nearly as exhausted as I expected to be, but I'm super glad for that. These past two weeks were amazing and I can't even begin to write about everything that's happened.

I met so many amazing people, I talked to virtually every professional NRHA professional trainer, made amazing friends, ate terrible food, feel in love with this industry all over again. How many people get to say that?

Not many! I'm sad that it's over! I hope that for once in my gypsy life, the people I met here will be people I see down the road very soon!

So I spent most of the week sitting in an uncomfortable stool and maybe I said the same thing about NRHA rewards over and over again and maybe I spent more time watching the live feed than I did the actual event! But maybe I also I had the best two weeks of my life!!! And I met amazing people and I hope there is an opportunity in there somewhere for me! I met so many different people from so many places in the world and that roommate I was telling you about...she's great! I finally have a place to stay in the land down under and that makes checking that item off my bucket list just a little easier!

Sorry I've been gone for so long! I've been trying to find inspiration to blog and get my life under control. I'm back home for the holidays and the next two weeks are going to be CRAZY. I have tons of ideas and will hopefully be putting them to words soon!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Reining?!?! Like...

I'm Cats and dogs or horses....

I was so unaware of what I signed up for when I agreed to this. I had no idea that after 3 days of showing I would know so much about reining. After a week, I would know so many people in the industry.

These past few days have been a whirlwind of smiles, handshakes, speeches, donations, and great hair. I am having a blast.

It's been a mess of crazy and the internet sucks and maybe I've kind of forgotten that I become a distributor and maybe I'm the worst sales person ever. And no one is buying what I'm selling, but hey, story of my life.

I'm learning and meeting and sitting and selling, and by the grace of God if people don't remember this hair flower, they must be blind. So it's still fun and I still love the show world, but this just makes me want to get on a horse and make something of myself.

Or maybe some part of me misses the horse life, the gypsy wrangler life, where riding was essential and never complicated. Where you could run and run until you had to stop because the views were busy taking the breath right from your chest. Maybe I miss those four legs underneath you, supporting your bad jokes and being there when the moments are silent. Maybe I miss the outdoors and the silence that horses have always brought.

Look, the show world, that's great and all, and these people are amazing. But horses to me have never made me money and I don't think they will any time soon. These horses just make me miss...paradise.