Thursday, November 20, 2014

Camper Living Hacks #1: Making your RV, Home!

So I decided to start a new series on the blog, Camper Living Hacks!!!  I recently just decided to take on the life of a pipeline girlfriend full time and I'm so excited. Prince Charming has been welding on the pipeline for about a year and a half now and after our short summer adventure, we're back on the road living it up in our 28 foot traveling home.

Since I'm spending the rest of the year enjoying my lack of a job, I decided to throw myself into this blogger series.

There a million and one hacks scattered across the pictures and links of ever so dedicated Pinners and I have creeped and researched most of them not finding exactly what I want when I look up "Camper Living Hacks", so I decided to share my own Camper Living Hacks with you all.

Throughout this series I will include, Tiny Kitchen Tips, Small Bathroom Solutions, Making a closet without a closet, Storage, Wifi and Cell Service Solutions, and Camper Kitchen Baking.

My favorite part about moving into any new space is decorating, so I decided to start the series with just that. I moved every year of college and with each passing year I accumulated more and more things. Eventually I was equipped with enough decoration to satisfy my inner interior designer. And after 1 dorm, 2 apartments, and 1 house, I decided I would be qualified to decorate our new camper.

With canvas pictures stating "Real Men use Duct Tape" and forest camo pillows, I decided Prince Charming got no say in the decoration process, I think it's only fair. So in my packed car I made sure decorating essentials were the first in here goes:

Making your RV, Home:

1. Pick a theme for the whole camper. Or color scheme. 
With such a small space as the camper rooms tend to mold into one another, making decorating each space different nearly impossible. So pick a theme or a few colors that will work well in every part of the space. 
     {Shockingly enough, our theme is western with some Native American influence. We used a lot of tribal print blankets, this pillow, and bright colors, with lots of pencil sketched western pictures}

2. Pick one item to build the theme around.
I picked this pillow above because it has lots of different colors and goes excellent with our theme.

3. Utilize all the colors in this item.
Picking something with a lot of color may seem overwhelming, but if the item has a lot of neutral color, like my pillow has 3 different browns, it makes it a bit less eccentric. 

4. Don't be afraid of using all these colors.
 If you pick a few basic colors or a theme, don't be scared to utilize all these colors, even different shades. As long as the colors are the same it doesn't matter if the colors match exactly. 
    {I picked red and blue for the kitchen. I have dark red towels and a lighter red table cloth. The shades are different, but the colors work well together. For the living room I picked blue and brown. The pillow has all the colors of my camper, the blanket has lots of the same colors as well, and there are many shades of brown in the different pillows.}

5. Personalize!
This is your space. Don't get too stuck on trying to make everything match and forget to put a little of yourself in the space. 
    {I love all of my art work in the camper, but each side of our bed has little of our personality in it. These are spurs I used at every summer working on a dude ranch. Clearly the matching fish pillows were on the latest episode of Design on a Dime!}

Hope these tips were helpful!

What are your interior design tips? Any camper hacks I should add to the series?


  1. This is so cute! How often to use your camper.

  2. All the time! My boyfriend is a pipeline welder and we travel the state and live in the trailer!