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My name is Tatyana. I'm a 21 year old recent college graduate with a plan to see the world!

I'm from the hottest state in the universe, numbero 48! I just graduated with a BS in Agribusiness Economics and Management with minors in Animal Science and Military Science. I was raised in a military loving family! My parents met while both serving in the Army and my sister currently serves in the world's greatest Air Force. I was a big Navy fan for a while as well, but I found another passion in life...Agriculture. I am a huge AGvocate and I love everything that has to do with farming and ranching.

Growing up as a total city slicker, it made it a little hard to break into the down home, back woods, dirt road, America loving world that is Ag. But I did and I'm proud to say I'm a total redneck! You will rarely catch me listening to anything but country music! I love everything forest camouflage and tooled leather. Raised cattle and goats in high school, majored in Agriculture in college, have been working with horses for 4 years, and  worked at a farm filled with pigs, cows, and lots of baby sheep!

I also spent two summers in my own slice of heaven I call Estes Park, Colorado working as a wrangler. This place! The reason I started blogging, the place where I found myself, my horse, my person, and the love of my life.

I am currently dating Prince Charming with a Southern accent! He's a cowboy turned pipeliner who is ready to follow me around the world. We met this summer and there isn't a single person in this world I would rather share on my adventures with other than him....well maybe my dog!

The four legged love of my life! I have written entire posts about my love for this 7 pound fuzzy football. With bat ears and enough back fat to feed East Asia, this guy has stolen my heart from day one. He loves long walks on the beach far away from the water, playing with sheep, running from cows, being dunked in water troughs, and baby horses. He's a ladies man with an attitude.

So as a recent graduate, all I've been getting asked is what my future plans are. And sorry to disappoint folks, I have none! I want to see the world and live every moment like it was my last. So I am doing just that!

I am packing up my whole life and moving from the hottest state to the most equal. I spent this summer as a wrangler on a guest ranch. Then it's off to Oklahoma to chase some pipe and make some memories.

I created this blog as an outlet for my post graduate woahs! I chose Destination: Me, because I plan to spend the next few years focusing on me and living the life I've always wanted. It's time to stop pinning and start checking items off my bucket list! So grab a cold drink and stick around for a while!

Wish me luck! I hope you enjoy stick around for what's next!


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