Friday, August 29, 2014


So the fact that I never have to worry about when school starts again is like the strangest feeling ever. The fact that my life is now a constant summer vacation that might at some point have to involve and actual job is horrifying.

Huh? I never have to worry about homework or D2L or going to class ever again!?!? This is like Christmas. But then again, is it really?

So I love not being in college, don't get me wrong I'm super excited to be an adult and never have to worry about that stuff again, but college just CONSUMED the last four years of my life and I don't really remember what life was like before that.

College is the first time you get to go off and find yourself without the barriers we call parents. It's the ultimate independance as a child you can get. Who are we kidding, there are no adults in college except the 8th year seniors and even their maturity level is questionable.

But I've forgotten what my life was like before college and now in these three short months I've forgotten my life in college.

I just spent my whole night sitting in bed watching Longmire and eating Chinese. That's the first time I've binge watched a show alone since I've gotten here. I almost forgot that was my life this last semester. I keep forgetting I have a whole family of friends back home, I remember to call my mom and such when I hit town and finally get cell service, but i constantly forget that I have internet and have never once Facetimed the people that made these last four years bearable.

What? I'm a post grad who in 3 months forgot what it was like to even be a undergrad. I keep referencing my life back then, but I don't remember living through those moments anymore. This job and this life has consumed me and maybe that explains a lot of why everything here is the way it is.

It's so strange to see all the posts and pictures of everyone heading back to school. And as the rooms here start to clear out and prospective of "Adult Only" weeks looming in the distance, life seems to become more and more disconnected. 

We're all sad they're leaving, but I think a small part of us is jealous they get to go back to that real world and see all those familiar things. So these next few weeks will fly by and I think we all know that. But what the future holds is so unclear for us all that were excited about the fact that the season doesn't end for another 5 weeks. So wish us all luck and hope for the best. See you soon enough.

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