Friday, August 22, 2014

Easy Friends & Hard Goodbyes

This place. That's how they get you. Any place like this really. The friendships you make are what pull you back. Sure in the 3 short months you were here you were best friends and yeah of course you'll make plans to see each other when you're not here, but it never happens.

In my two seasons at Sombrero I made some of the best friends I've ever had in my whole life and I still call them up when I'm in desprate need of advice and I'll tell you now, if the zombie apocolapze breaks out, their def on my A team, sorry AZ people, but you go through too much together for them not to be your number 1 choice.
But as much as they all mean to me and as much as I care about them, I've never stepped a foot near Michigan.

So that's how they get you. We can all make it back to this place, a job, a summer vacation turned into a life changing experience. So we all say we'll never come back, but it's likely that we will, eventually.

Well they're all packing to leave, to head back to the real world, a life filled with cell service and college parties while we're all here...

Yeah I have a pretty awesome job and it's beyond easy. This place is beautiful and sometimes I forget to take a step back and enjoy that, but some part of me is so jealous that they get to pack and head back to their comfortable worlds...

So here's to hoping they love the real world and that we see each other again. I'll miss you! 

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