Monday, August 11, 2014

Day Off Adventures!!!

The muscles I never even knew existed in the crevasse of my forearms are sore. My saddle is ten pounds heavier. It's suddenly difficult to get on a horse because every muscle I've never used is sore. From what?!?


One lake. Two speed boats. Eight people. A day off from the gods.

It all started with a grocery run and packing coolers like a pro. Then we were off to what most believed was Montana, which is located due east of Buffalo...

We finally arrived at Keyhole and we were beyond ready! We found a beach ate some lunch took our sweets to go and headed out to try wake boarding! Epic fail of the worst kind. In case the general population was wondering, I have no skills via the wake board! Jess on the other hand is either the only one light enough to be pulled by the boat or just a natural water sport aficionado! 

So after a few fails, one success, and two almost successes from our boat we swapped out for the tube!!! Jess and I tubed like less than champs while Prince Charming and Texas bonded over their ability to keep each other dry.

Finally we met up with the other boat and tried a triple wrangler sandwich with lots of "LEAN!!!"'s and gripping of the tube. We never fell off while the boat was in motion, go team, but as soon as they slowed down we had a great splash. 

After several hours of sun, fun, and tubes, we headed back to shore in search of the nearest Applebee's. 

Finally we made it home around 10! A 12 hour day with some of my favorite people having more fun than any of us have had all summer. All in all I would call the day an epic success.

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