Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Change of pace..

Well I'm not sure if you all have noticed, but things on the blog have been a little depressing lately and I'm sorry about that. I know that this is supposed to be a place to share the perfect version of my perfect life, but I'm nothing like other bloggers and I tend to over share in the best worst way possible.

So things out here have been a little rocky. {It would be punny if I was still in the Rockies} But seeing as I'm not that could be part of the problem. "No place I've been would ever make me think I would want to go back to Sombrero." Hmm, that's the truest statement I've heard in a while, but maybe I just miss the place where I left my heart...who wouldn't?!?! But with inspiration from a fellow West Coaster, I've decided to turn things around and make the most of the next few weeks in Buffalo, Wyoming.

I've created a list. Two lists actually. 

{Places I want to go}
{Things I want to do}

Let's start with the places: 
   {Considering I live a reasonably short distance from some of the most beautiful and monumental place in the country, I've decided to go see them.}

1} Yellowstone National Park
2} The Grand Tetons
3} Mt. Rushmore
4} Montana
5} Thermopolis
6} Devil's Tower
7} Cody
8} Badlands
9} Crazy Horse Memorial

And finish with the things I want to do:
    {I hope I have time to finish at least of a few of these things before the summer ends}
1} Learn to rope
2} Learn to pack
3} Free climb Fan Rock
4} Swim in Lake Angeline
5} Get something to remember this place by
6} Camp
7} Explore Buffalo
8} Have a photo shoot on the mesa
9} Make memories

I think I read on pinterest once that "adventure is out there we just have to be brave enough to look for it." I guess I haven't been that brave this summer. Every now and again I tend to get a wild hair and remember what last summer looked like, but I think with the inspiration I just received and the life I lead I think I can find some adventure out here.

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  1. Live it up while you are out there!! You are making memories that will last a life time and you will look back and be glad that you got to experience all of this!!