Thursday, July 24, 2014

They say they're FREE...

But I'd say...the best things in life are the little ones...

They're not always the easiest to find or free, but they are what keep us sane, what make us human, and what make us smile.

The little things in my life currently are...
{Night Adventures}
{Untucking your shirt after a long day}
{Back massage trains}
{Skipping dinner to girl talk}
{Listening to the rain}
{Gourmet Meals}
{Going to town}
{Finding your favorite horse}
{Getting the last can of Mountain Dew Voltage from the mini fridge}
{Having an awesome roommate}
{This blog}
{Prince Charming with a Southern accent}

So my list keeps getting longer and longer, but I can't help, but have a million things to be thankful for and keep me sane in this strange strange place!

Living in social Siberia tends to make you a little crazy, but thankfully, we were all a little crazy before we got here.

We like to keep it interesting here and beyond that it's just nice to come home to a little drama every now and again.

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