Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Anti-Social {Media}

So I realize lately...that the longer I've been here the less I care to be social...on the media end of things anyway.

I spend everyday creeping on peoples lives with each ride I take, meal I attend, or event I participate in. And the more I learn about these people and the more I fall in love with my life out here, the less I feel it nessicary to snap or pin or tweet or post. 

Yeah, my life is totally and completely awesome out here and I love it, like a lot. But someone told me before I left that it's hard to experience the adventure when you're behind the camera.

So stop for a second. Don't be so obsessed with taking the perfect blogger status picture for Instagram or having the best snap story and just live in the moment. Don't tell anyone via social media about you're awesome summer vacation. Give them a call, send a postcard, or wait till you see them again! 

As an ex-Pinaholic, I am proud to say Pinterest is no longer my go-to to kill time! Hanging out with my friends and Prince Charming with a Southern Accent, riding, reading, watching old westerns, and complaining about the state of our bunkhouse are my new go-tos to kill time!!

So yeah, I've been a little anti-social media lately! But hey who wouldn't be when I get to wake up to this view every morning!?!? 

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