Friday, May 23, 2014

Headband or Crown?!?!?

For you ever so dedicated fans/daily people in my life, you are well aware of my mild extreme obsession with Gossip Girl and it's been a while since I finished arguable the most influential teen melodrama series of our childhood, I decided to write an entire post about how much I love Blair Waldorf!

She is my spirit animal. Literally not a doubt in this world about it. Every second of the series I was rooting for Team Blair. 

Boo Serena and her struggles, being pretty and flawless much be so full of woah...NOT! 

But Blair, her struggle to find her inner powerful woman while trying to hold on to the greatest bad boy of our time, Chuck Bass. With that deep voice and love of bow ties, how could one not swoon to all that is Chuck. 
Anyways, more about him later! Back to my idol. I know I'm slightly fan girling, well hard core, but let's just keep this a judge free zone for the remainder of this post! 

How could anyone watch those six seasons and not wish they had her ever so expensive closet, artfully designed bedroom, loyal housekeeper, and whole life in general. No girl can rock the school uniform plaid like Queen B. 

One word: Headbands. 

Actually several words: Minions, Queen, Yogurt, Chuck, Princess, Dan. 

I am all about that Chuck life, no questions asked. But is it so wrong that a part of me loved the Dan and Blair friendship turned relationship? With her stone cold exterior and his insightful quirk, how could these two not be completely catastrophic? Answer: They were.

In addition to becoming a momentary princess, she manged to finally tie down New York's most infamous bad boy! 

With daddy and uncle issue, a town car, a swanky hotel, and an endless bank account, I would be as mess up as Chuck Bass is. Even more reason why I love Blair is her insensate need to make Chuck fall in love with her. Every time they get back together you just get that warm fuzzy feeling, but you're also 100% on Queen B's side when she leaves his noncommittal ass. 

It's not just her tug of war romance with Chuck that makes me constantly channel my inner B, it's also her "will happen" attitude, you can't loose if you don't try and boy does this girl try! Getting rejected from the college of her dreams...who cares, I'll lie my way into Ivy League. Take over her mom's world famous label and getting humiliated, she comes back swinging and ready for blood. She makes a prince fall in love with her and in true Cinderella fashion, he saves her shoe.

From rocking the headband, to being married and divorced before 30, there is not a tread that Blair can not rock! She is an all around bad ass who you never want to cross...and who I would give anything to trade lives with.


  1. ooh i love gossip girl too. at first i didn't like blair, but then her character gets so much better and more likeable!

    1. I'm still obsessed and it's been off the air for how long!?!? My interests on Pinterest include Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester, and thigh gaps!

      Yes, so true!!! I didn't like her at all, but after the first season I was like "I want her life and closet and Chuck!"