Friday, May 30, 2014

Tucson Bucket List!

Tucson Bucket List...DONE!!

It's okay to be impressed! I finished every item on my list. I ran all over town for a whole semester and accomplished all of the staples that make Tucson as exciting as it seems. I love every minute of it.
I spent my last few days in Tucson this week and it was a little hard to say goodbye. I spent this whole year embracing all that is this shady old town and it's going to be hard to watch it fade in my rear view.

Shout out my bucket list companions:

I could not have done it without their help! It was an adventure for the history books! So if you live in Tucson, mark these things off your to do list before you leave. There are even a few more you could add on there! But if you don't live in Tucson, make a list of your own for your city! 

What is a Tucson Bucket List, you ask? 
It's a list of bucket list worthy items that can only be accomplished in the dirty city of Tucson, Arizona. I plan to accomplish the following items in the next semester!

Tucson Bucket List
1| Try every Flavor of the Month at Eegee's
2| Feed an Ostrich 
 3| Hike to the top of "A" Mountain 
4| Eat a Sonoran Hot Dog at a shady 24 hour Mexican Restaurant
5| Eat a giant cookie at Mount Lemon
6| Hike Seven Falls
7| Drive at insecure speeds down Roller Coaster Road
8| Walk the entire length of Spring Fling and eat lots o' shady fair food
9| Consume my body weight in pizza from Frog and Frikin
10| Indulge in the anorexia curing hamburgers at Lindy's

 Be a tourist in your home town and find what little adventures are hiding out there for you to find... 

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