Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Tassel was Worth the Hassle!

You are now officially reading the words of a COLLEGE GRADUATE!!!! WAHHH!!! I'm so cool. ;)

So the day finally came and went, I walked across the stage in my over sized tarp and cardboard hat and all I have to show for it is a silly paperweight!

These past four years have been full of adventures and I am so thankful for the amazing support system I have. My family is pretty neat! They have always been there to support me and this weekend was no different. My cheering section may not have been the entire population of Texas, but they are def the best support a girl could ask for!

Well Prince Charming came and it was so so great to see him again! For those of you that are new, my Prince Charming is a little different than most...he's kind of every girl's dream! Not only does he has a Southern accent, but he is also a cowboy from the backwoods of Oklahoma! I know...I'm the luckiest girl in the world...hands off! Anyways, unfortunately he lives in Oklahoma while I melt here in Arizona! It's awful I know. So this is the first time I've seen him in two months!!! You don't always realize a part of you is missing until you find it again and he is definitely my missing piece. So him being here to help me through the overwhelming amount of apartment guests was a huge plus!

Well my weekend went a little something like this...

Thursday: Last test of my undergraduate career! Astronomy...a gen ed turned into one of my favorite classes in college. Then power cleaning the whole apartment for the parentals approval. My mom and boyfriend show up from their two hour commute...together!

Friday: Running errands. A Costco power shopping trip. After purchasing food for an entire army and maneuvering it into my tiny fridge, we watch movies and wait for the best friend! A short trip to heaven on Earth, Eegees. More movies and a pizza night.

Saturday: A bomb of food, people, and gifts explodes in my apartment. So many thank you's and congrats. Then we head to the shindig. After sweating bullets in the basement of the convention center, I find the other three to my quad and the selfie festival begins. Then speeches from the Dean and we're the third row to graduate! I didn't trip, I got a paperweight and took some more selfies. Then we take a few more pictures and head to campus. After 5 and a half hours of sitting in the sun we finally get to sit on the field for the 150th commencement for the University of Arizona! A blast from the past, a high school best friend, half the quad, and my dance partner in whine...I couldn't have asked for a better group to sweat to death with.

The last week has gone by in kind of a blur with a whole Facebook album dedicated to my tassel swapping event and a million goodbyes to say. I finally packed up my whole apartment and with one trip left I will say goodbye to the city with almost as much character as me. I finished my bucket list, look forward to that post next. I spent the last four years tearing up this town and I finally have to say bye to it. That will be hard, but I know there is adventure out there and it's just waiting for me.


  1. Thanks so much for taking to write a comment on my blog

    I too am so excited to see another blogger involved in agriculture. Congratulations on your graduation and I cannot wait to read more!


    1. It's been kind of a struggle to find some other ag bloggers!!! Thanks so much! :)