Sunday, September 14, 2014

I'm Legal, FINALLY!

Well I've really only been waiting for this for the last 21 years....and let me tell you, the anticipation was much more fun than the actual turning 21 part.

So I graduated college, spent three months in the mountains, and learned a whole lot about myself, all before I turned of legal age to drink. Just a bit anticlimactic.
But hey, it feels nice to finally be able
to order that horizontal license, get into my first bar after 9, and order a real live adult drink.

So my birthday started with a short breakfast, followed by a plea to ride the ever so handsome CYCLONE!!! With my favorite horse tacked up, I headed to the arena for some team penning! After a semi successful morning of team penning, I headed up to lunch solo. Prince Charming and Texas we're headed to clean up teens camp. So after making the decision to not attend dinner that night, I was greeted with a birthday cake and a song and this picture of Prince Charming.

Finally the day ends and we head for town. When you live in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, your choices are limited as far as restaurants go, so we head to our favorite spot, Bozeman Trail Steakhouse where I ordered my first legal drink, Shocktop Pumpkin Wheat. It was totally awesome. Then after dinner we headed to Crazy Women Liquor where I was able to purchase a Peach-a-rita! Yep, I'm that much of a girl!

All and all it was a pretty low key kind of 21st, but with 3 other girls here turning 21 with in a week of each other, it begins to become a little bit anticlimactic. I'm super excited to go home and celebrate with my family. But I will say turning legal in Wyoming has a special place in my heart.

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