Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!!!

There is something kind of crazy about go to sleep with a world full of blue skies, green fields, and changing leaves, then waking up to a ground covered in snow.

Being for the hottest state in the world, I am not used to all. Of course I don't live under a rock and my two summers spent in the Rocky Mountains gave me some exposure to what snow is like, but never have I gone to sleep with green grass and woken up to white everywhere. I've also never seen snow fall and stick. So it was an exciting day for me here in Paradise.

Weatherman said it was gonna be a cold one, but they sometimes lie when you're living in the mountains. They promised 8 inches of snow overnight and oh boy did they deliver. The final inch count at the end of Thursday was 13 inches. What?!?!? How much!?!?! It was crazy.

We were all woken up at 6AM for snow shoveling duties. Equipped with push brooms and one snow shovel, we were to sweep the stairs of all 24 cabins, before breakfast. {For a place that is coated in the snow in the winter, we weren't even kind of prepared}. The word denial seemed to be floating around the day before and was soon crushed by the amount of snow we shoveled in the first two hours of the day.

After breakfast came more shoveling and filling of wood boxes, wood splitting, and then a cowboy toy tournament in the hen house, then lunch, one more shovel sess, and the usual afternoon off. The verdict is: I LOVE SNOW DAYS!!!

With one full day of snowing underneath our belts, shoes, and cabin stairs, we woke up to sunshine and melting snow! Still too much snow to ride, so what do we hillbillies do? Bust out the snowmobiles and attach sleds to the back. We spent the whole morning being covered in snow, pelted in the face with frozen trail, and converting the feed truck into a hay wagon. Then we finally took rides in the afternoon.

If the season could have ended right there it would have been perfect, but everything happens for a reason and maybe this week will really show me that I'm ready to leave the sunshine and snow for storms and excessive heat.

So it was a day for my history books and I won't ever forget how much I can't handle the snow, my blood is too thin for that nonsense. But it was fun while it lasted.

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