Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Arizona...is the worst!

But really though...

I'm kidding, I don't hate Arizona...completely! Just like 5 months out of the year I feel as if my skin is melting off my body, but you know you get used to it! And if you are a true Arizonaian, you love it...weird people, those ones. But since this has been my home for the last 15 or so years I decided to write an entire post about this great state! So here are my 5 things every Arizona native has heard, 5 things I hate, and 5 things I'll miss!

Top 5 things every Arizona Native has been told:
1| Wow, it's so hot there! How do you survive?!?!
2| But it's a dry heat, can't be too bad.
3| You must have really great Mexican food there!!!
4| Must be so nice to have mild winters.
5} You must have hiked the Grand Canyon then

5 things I hate about living in Arizona:
1| It's hot...like real hot
2| Never get a white Christmas
3| Scorpions and Sun Devils...gross.
4| Snow Birds
5| It's hot.

Top 5 Things I will miss about living in Arizona:
1| We don't believe in daylight savings (don't really understand the concept...at all)
2| It's a dry heat
3| Good Mexican Food and In and Out Burger (I love food)
4| My fat dog, Rocky
5| The whole kit-kat-kabottle (my family) lives in this desert wasteland

So there are some positives about the great state of Arizona, the last land state to join the union. We are know for our endless desert and illegal immigrants, but this state has a lot more to offer, like 115 degree summers. So if your planning a vacation to my humble abode, only come from September to January, after that you're on your own. Visit the small towns with lots of character and avoid Snottsdale, it's nothing special. Hike the Grand Canyon and stay as far north as you can, they're weather is great. If you ever visit Tucson, hide your valuables. I'm sure every state has a little something to offer and a little something that should be kept in the basement away from the public eye. But I am sad to say goodbye to all the little things that make Arizona so different. I will miss my desert rat life, but I am so ready for another mountain adventure!!!


  1. i've never been to arizona before but it sounds really good. that dry heat! :)

  2. You should definitely think about heading out there, but only in the winter! It's like light jacket weather, it's great! But NEVER come in the summer, your skin will melt off!!!!