Thursday, June 19, 2014

Welcome to Paradise!

So it's been officially one week and two days since I arrived in Paradise...Guest Ranch that is.

If you keep up with my life you know that I just recently graduated college and decided that I didn't want to be an adult, so much like the past few summers, I decided to spend my summer sitting in the saddling listening to my own voice all day long. It's a rough life out here, I know.

So I packed up my life once more and moved with my ever adventurous boyfriend to Buffalo, WY to work on a guest ranch. After a few hiccups and one pit stop we finally made it. And Oh My Lord is this place amazing. It is so much more beautiful than Colorado! There is never a ride where I don't come over the top of the mountain and literally feel my breath leave my lungs. The views are beyond compare. There's something about snow capped mountains and loping through a field of wildflowers on the top of a mesa really spells out paradise for me.

Between learning how to fly fish and rope, teaching children team penning and pole bending, the last week has been no stop excitement and I can't wait for Sunday. The boyfriend and I are going on a pack trip to Seven Brothers lakes to fish all day. Check back in next week to hear all about it. But first...

Let me tell you a little more about what it's like to live at Paradise Guest Ranch. We own around 200 horses and we saddle about 50 a day, rough stuff. I get 5 horses that I can ride any day I want all summer, they're all mine, muahhhhhhh. But really, it's so nice! We ride twice a day and four times a week guests have to option to work in the arena at team penning, barrel racing, or pole bending. Exciting stuff. After each ride, he guests unsaddle their horses and head off to enjoy their vaca. Another part of being a wrangler is socializing with the guests throughout the day and into the night. Each night there is a different activity, we are required to attend three events throughout the week. I've picked swing dance Tuesdays, chuck wagon Fridays, and square dance Saturday. Every week is a new set of guests and new adventures. The trails are beautiful, the food is spectacular and I swear they're gonna have to roll me out of here by September, because I never miss dessert. My day in a nutshell...

Day in the life of a wrangler at Paradise:
6:30am: Wake up
7am: Eat gourmet breakfast
8am: Have wrangler horse saddled and get ready for Barn call
9:30am: Load rides and head out on the trail
12:15pm: Head to lunch
1:40pm: Head back to barn and get ready to re-saddle for afternoon rides
3:00pm: Load rides and head out for afternoon ride
4:30pm: Unsaddle and clean barn
6:45pm: Head to Saloon to socialize and wait for dinner
8:30pm: Nightly activity or head to bed

Next Day: Repeat
Day(s) off: Thursday afternoons and Sundays
Earliest Wake up: 6:15am (twice a week)

Life out here is a lot different than Sombrero, but I love it so much more. Everyone here is amazing and awesome, I don't think I'll take away the life long friendships, lifeboats, and memories that I did from Sombrero, but I think this will be a summer worth documenting.

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