Thursday, June 12, 2014

Road Trippin' like a Boss...

Is that still a thing? Well even if it isn't we did it!

17 hours, 3 days, 2 people, 1 epic road trip! 

Start: Tecumseh, OK
Pit Stop: Estes Park, CO
Finish: Buffalo, WY

So for those of you that don't know me or haven't read that All about me section you don't know that my life is kind of great. 

After graduating college I decided I don't want to be an adult quite yet, and seeing the world just sounds like so much more fun. And I happen to be the luckiest girl in the world cause not only do I get to spend my summer in Paradise literally, but I get to do it with my best friend!

Short back story on me and Prince Charming with a southern accent: We met last summer at a little place called Sombrero Ranches, after some perfect dates and a couple touristy adventures, I was sold! Head over heels, love of my life forever, sold. And we've been together ever since. Across 1,000 miles, two time zones, and hectic lives, we're finally together ready for a lifetime of adventure.

Well we started our little road trip in the pouring rain! Then we finally hit the ever so exciting state of Kansas and the weather was a much improved overcast and gloomy, to go with all the rolling mounds...then we finally hit Colorado. And those mountains...we're covered in clouds and it was pouring. Well after 12 hours we finally made it to Estes Park, Colorado. My favorite place in the world.

We checked into our hotel and headed to the greatest resturant EVER. Smokin' Dave's Taphouse and BBQ!! So after eating our body weight in BBQ we headed back to the hotel for some serious shut eye. 

We woke up early and had breakfast by the river. Then headed to the ranch to pick up our love child, Amanda! After a short visit to Glacier, we headed over to Moraine to see the second love of my life, Edgar Allen Pony. We took a quick ride to try some new ponies and then we headed back to town for lunch. One more trip to Dave's and the perfect end to a perfect day.

Then it was another early start and we were on our way to Buffalo. 

And of course no road trip is ever perfect...but that's where the adventure part comes in. So about 3 hours into our 6 hour drive, the whole back end of the pick up decides it needs a forever breather. A quick 3 hour emergency mechanic delay and we're back on our way again.

So after a long few days of fun, sun, and unexpected surprises, were finally in our new summer home!!!

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