Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Was that yesterday?!? I'm the worst! I've been so unorganized on my staycation! But I'm here and I'm sharing and it's only a day late! My life has been non stop travel these past few days and I've been a little lazy!

This was AWESOME! Go Crystal for setting this whole thing up. She is a goddess for her ability to handle all of this and set everyone up with the perfect swapper! {Is that a word?!?}
Anyways, I found out about this swap from some serious cyber stalking. I'm not ashamed! And I'm so glad I creeped as long as I did, because I found a world full of amazing agriculture women who love sharing their stories! 
So I got paired with myself two years ago! A fellow livestock judging team member and lover of all things fuzzy. Kidding about the last one! But there were so many similarities! I had so much fun getting to know Amy Lynn! A fellow Oklahoma enthusiast made the conversation flow and the beauty swapping began!!!
The package arrived and I was literally tearing it open as I walked in the door! I was so excited!!! And I was even more excited after I opened it!!

My Box:

1} Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Polish: Sparkling gold, need I say more! I was so stoked when I opened my box and discovered a new shade of nail polish I would never buy for myself. I'm in love. The polish hasn't chipped in the week I've been wearing it, which is a serious plus. And I'm just obsessed with the color! It's subtle enough that it doesn't look like I'm a pop star, but sparkles just enough to be super fun. Another bonus, Cosmo told me it was the best nail polish! 
2} Not Your Mother's Leave-In Conditioner: Since my swapper knows me so well she got me leave in conditioner, but not just that! It's Way To Grow! I've been trying to grow my hair out for like ever, but haven't we all! Anyways, I've recently become obsessed with this lengthening process and this is just the cherry on top to help me in my pre-crazy Miley hair goals!

3} Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer: When I saw this, I was freaking out. I opened the package and used it right away and it was awesome. I put it on underneath my normal eye shadow application routine and somehow all of my make up seemed to look better. My eye shadow was brighter and stayed on way longer than normal! I wore it all day long and went out that night and still had to scrub to get it off that night.

4} Peel Off Masque: I have an obsession with face masks. A collection, if you will. I love DIY at home masks, the individual ones, bottled, any kind I can get my hands on. I try to do them as often as I can. I love how it feels once you've wiped it all off! And I can't wait to use this one! I've used this brand before and I love it. It's for sure one of the best.

5} Ulta Nail Polish Remover Pads: Convenient- Check. Travel-able- Check. Something I always need, but never have- Check! This is the ultimate in beauty accessories! I always wish I have nail polish remover when I'm in the mood to mani it up, but I never have it. Between traveling during the summers and packing up apartments at the end of every year, nail polish remover tends to be one of those items that never makes it to the next destination. But that's not a problem here! They come in a small box that will fit in purse and I will always be able to keep on  me or store away for later. Can't wait to use these when I re-paint my nails shinny gold, again!

6} They're Real Mascara: Coming in a peite package, I was more than satisfied with the results of this dramatic eyelash helper. The small bottle makes it the perfect size for my ever growing makeup bag. It doesn't clump at all and my lashes are dramatically longer than any other mascara I've used before. It last all day and long into the night without flaking or clumping! Score!

7} Runway Glamor Eye Shadow: I'm obsessed with crazy colored eye shadow. It's rare that you see me in just the neutrals, unless I'm being lazy. But I never just use one color and I pretty much always use some shade of purple! So when I opened this pallet I was so excited. It's filled with all shades of purple and light browns that match perfectly with my eye color and makeup style. This shadow is super light and it only takes a little to go a LONG way! I love the colors and how long it lasts. 

So that was my box, how jealous is everyone?!?! 

This was so much fun and I'm so glad that I got a chance to meet a fellow livestock criticizer! I'm even more excited about all of the new products I get to incorporate into my make up routine. I'll keep you all updated on my new obsession, don't worry!
Make sure you head over the Crystal Cattle and see all of the other lovely ladies that participated in this beauty swap!


  1. I might need to try that hair conditioner! I need something to help revive my hair, I damaged the ends some when I was going a little crazy on the hair dye this last year....

    Ashley from Messy Kennedy

    1. I love leave in conditioner! I have kind of blah hair that I feel like is always a tangled mess. Ever since I started using leave-in it's been 100 times better. I love this "Way to Grow", but I've also used "It's a 10", a lot of people say it leaves your hair a little greasy though, so try them out before you decide!

      Also try hair masks! I know it sounds crazy, but you coat your hair in olive oil for a few hours and it comes out crazy shinny and helps it grow!

  2. Your make-up is so cute. You are pro at the wing tip. I love masks too and half been using the Body Shop individual masks. They are always at the check out counter at Ulta. I love the tea tree oil one. So glad you swapped with us!

    1. Thanks!! I try! Ha ha thanks years and years of dancing taught me how to make me eyes look big from 50 feet away!

      I've never tried those! I'll have to though!!!

      It was so fun! Can't wait for the next one!