Thursday, October 2, 2014

Final Goodbyes and New Beginnings

I thought I was ready for this.

I was, I still am. I'm so happy to be home and it's been great being around people I know. Of course I'm not really home yet, but this is close enough. But as we crawled over the top of the driveway for the last time and I rolled the window down for one last snapshot of this place that's been my home for the last 3 months, I was sad. This summer had it's ups and downs, but I made some amazing friends and even better memories.

Breakfast was filled with a line of hugs from my favorite people. It was a bitter sweet farewell as they all had 4 more days of working here in this place while we got to go home and be normal for a minute.

So we're here. We made it home. As home as a camper park is. I've never really mentioned this on the  blog before, and now seems like a perfect time to start.

In our off time when we're not traveling to different states and being cowboys, Prince Charming and I lead very different lives. Up until May, I was in school full time and working for the university's farm. Prince Charming was welding, on a pipeline.

Pipeline welding has it's perks and it's something Prince Charming loves. But for me the situation is a little different. He welds for so many months at one location then moves to some other RV park location.

We're currently residing in Oklahoma. And I'm on the hunt for the next step.

I head home in the next three days and until then I will be attempting to train the new puppy, Oh yeah, we picked up an 11 week old Catahoula puppy on the way home! He's a hooligan! I miss Rocky! And being domestic! So if you need me I will be over here baking and cleaning!

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