Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Life in State Fourty-Eight!

So I've officially been back in the Grand Canyon State for almost a month. Woot! Although it's been super nice to be home and lazy and do nothing all day, I'm ready to see Prince Charming like now.

After spending 20 hours together everyday for four months, it's hard to just pack up and leave and not feel like you're missing something. So this summer was an eye opener and there was a lot of love-hate to my experience, but I do miss my friends and the weather.

It's almost November and it's still 90 degrees outside. And everyone wonders why I'm leaving. I'm leaving! I'm packing up my life and moving! For like ever.

I so can't wait to move to Oklahoma and find a job that I really love. I can't wait to live in a 5th wheel with Prince Charming. But I can wait to say goodbye to my family and friends again.

So my life! Recently has been a blur of emotions from sad to excited to stressed to beyond joyful to stressed again. But the things I set out to do here are almost done, the piles are made and guess what?

I bought a new car! That's right kids, you're looking at the proud new owner of Dolly or Lorretta, the 2004 Chevy Malibu Maxx. Okay, so she's not new, but she's newer than Larry {My old 1994 Dodge Spirit}. May he forever be remember as the car that broke down in the desert 40 miles outside of Tucson, 4 times, in one trip. So I loved Larry, but oh man, I LOVE this new girl. It's so nice to have automatic anything!

And with the purchase of this new motorized device, it's been decided, I'll drive back to Oklahoma with my fuzzy co-pilot  in tow! And my mom. Can anyone say, "Road Trip?!?" It's a short 16 hour trek that we're going to accomplish in one day! We're the adventurous sort, we know. I'm so excited to put my first big road trip on my new car and head to my new home. I'm not so sure how Rocky is gonna handle it, but he has a new, puppy, brother waiting to terrorize him!

In addition to buying a new car, I found a job, kind of! I;m an intern, what, for a horse show in OKC in November!!! I'm so excited for this opportunity and I can't wait to get there.

So I bought a car, found a kind of job, looked through everything I own, made a pile for all my Oklahoma bound items, and traveled the state. It's been a busy month!

I'm so excited to be heading out on the road! I can't wait to see what the next few months bring and I can't wait to see Prince Charming! Hope everyone's month hasn't been as relaxingly, stressfully, busy as mine was.

How was your October!?!

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