Monday, October 13, 2014

Oh Hey There AZ...

I see you're still ten million degrees in the shade. I almost forgot why I left.

Welp, I'm back home. And as much as I don't enjoy the hot sun that seems to be pointed directly at Arizona all the time, I did miss it a little bit.

Sometimes I forget that I just got back from three months in the Wyoming mountains, everything feels the same and I really just feel like I'm on summer vacation. Then I remember, my life is a summer vacation. I thought that graduating would be awesome and cool and everything I ever wanted. I was so excited to start a life and be out of the Dirty-T. But honestly, being an adult sucks.

Thus far I've learned that, I'm unemployed, broke, and have no realistic goals for the future. Wait, what? I thought the future was just supposed to work itself out...guess not.

So I sit here typing away this post, listening to Dolly Shine for the 5th time this morning, avoiding looking for jobs. Instead I'll Facebook my used to be friends and day dream about my perfect job.

Any advice here? 

I started being domestic again, which I was in college, but it seems so much more like I can legit #domestic now because I'm not cooking with Ramen or Pasta Roni and scrapping the bottom of my fridge looking for groceries that don't exist. I'm being a real live person, making real live meals, and baking. Woot. So fun. Remind me again why I'm not more excited about this?

In between looking for a job and figuring out my life, I'm trying to get back in shape from all the desserts, all you can eat lunches, and butter filled dinners I consumed at the ranch. I love working out....NOT! But with YouTube and Pinterest as my secret weapons, I think I can put the marshmallows away and do some sit ups.

All in all, being home is great! I love being able to drive my car again, not some shady ranch truck. I had an adult like dinner date with the best friend last night, which was much needed. I even went and got an adult horizontal drivers license yesterday. I love the DMV almost as much as job hunting. I  love knowing where I'm going and driving on familiar streets. Seeing my fam bam has been awesome! And seeing my other graduated adult friends gives me a small amount of hope.

But tell me this, why is it that as a recent college graduate people are talking to me about benefits. I know it sounds childish and futile of me, but I think that I can go out into this world and be excessive and ridiculous and find a job that doesn't have good benefits, because guess what? I'm 21!!!!! I don't need to find my forever career right now! I want to find a job I love and I want to meet amazing people and do fun things! I want my life to be as exciting as it seems on Facebook. Hence why I spent my summer in the mountains. I want to see the world. I want to wake up everyday and do fun things and live the life I love. Not one filled with 401k's and insurance coverage...

Anyone with me?

So end rant. And this is where I leave you, because the soundtrack to Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron just started on my Spotify and I have to jam.

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